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Reliability Maintenance Analyst

This is a versatile, powerful and user friendly reliability analysis software package. The software consists of two modules; a life data analysis module and a maintenance optimization module. Data is easily entered with the specialized Data Entry Grid which allows up to 2 billion data points. This entry grid is easily linked to a Microsoft® Access™ database.  All Graphics can be customized with easy to use dialog tabs. When your analysis is complete, use the Report Writer to create custom output in a format compatible with Microsoft Word, Wordperfect, and all other major word-processors.

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Life Data Analysis

This module is capable of estimating the distribution parameters for the

 Weibull distribution,
 normal distribution,
 lognormal distribution, and
 exponential distribution

The parameters of each distribution can be estimated using a variety of techniques, including

 maximum likelihood (MLE),
 probability plotting,
 hazard plotting, and
 moment matching

Some of the powerful features of this module are Bayesian estimation, zero-failure test planning, confidence limits for estimated parameters, confidence limits for reliability, confidence limits for percentiles, support for the 3-parameter Weibull distribution, including confidence limits for the location parameter, support for complete data, singly censored data, multiply censored data, and grouped data, graphical and statistical goodness-of-fit tests.

Another great feature of this module is the estimation screen. Use the estimated parameters to compute confidence limits for the time to fail and reliability; no more interpreting from graphs without enough resolution!

Maintenance Optimization

The maintenance optimization module contains three algorithms for the optimization of maintenance actions. The optimization of preventive maintenance, the optimization of inspection schedules, and the optimization of predictive maintenance. Optimum schedules are based on the cost of maintenance and time to fail data.


There are two versions of this software; a 16-bit version designed for Windows® 3.1, and a 32-bit version designed for Windows® 95, Windows® 98 and Windows® NT.

Download the Demo Version (12 megs)  The demo version is fully functional except you are limited to 5 data points. The full version allows 2 billion!  Download the tutorial and sample files (3.3 megs).  If these files are too large to download conveniently, request a CD by calling 812-533-4216 or e-mailing


Data Entry Grid

Enter up to 2 billion data points in this easy entry grid. If an item has been tested, but hasn't failed, just clicked the censored box. Do you have several items that were removed from testing at the same time? No need for multiple entries, just put the quantity in the 2nd column.(For example, in the entry grid below 5 units were tested for 69 cycles without failing).  This data entry grid can also be attached to a database!


Many graphics are available in this software package, and you can customize them all! Just click the edit graph icon (the purple one) or right click, and a set of icons appear above the graph. Click one, and you get a tabbed dialog box that gives you complete control over the graph.


Report Writer

Are you tired of statistical with printouts that look like they were done in DOS? Never again. Click the print icon, and a fully functional wordprocessor appears with your output. Customize the results: add a graph, change colors, even spell check the finished product. What about compatibility? The file format is RTF (rich text format) which is supported by Microsoft Word, Wordperfect, and all other commercial wordprocessors. There is no need for importing or exporting.  You can even save the results as HTML.


Zero-failure test planning

Take advantage of Bayesian testing to reduce demonstration testing requirements. Input the Weibull shape parameter and 4 of the 5 other inputs on the screen below, and compute either the required sample size, confidence level, reliability at a given time, or test duration. In the screen below, the shape parameter, sample size, confidence level, test duration and a time were input, and the reliability at the given time was computed to be 97.488%. If you want to use Bayesian testing without assuming zero failures, there is another module to accommodate your needs.


Estimation screen

Tired of trying to read confidence levels from a graph? Use the Predictions module. Select the method of parameter estimation, input the confidence level you want, and play what if. Enter a time to fail and get the expected reliability with upper and lower confidence limits for reliability. Or enter the reliability and get the expected time to fail with lower and upper confidence limits for the time to fail.


Optimization of preventive maintenance

This software will solve most of you maintenance scheduling problems. There are 3 modules for scheduling different types of maintenance. The screen below is for preventive maintenance. Compute the parameters of the Weibull distribution for your time to fail data (this is extremely easy using the parameter estimation module), enter the cost of a PM, enter the average cost of a machine failure, and the optimum maintenance schedule is computed. You can even get a graphical output if you want.


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