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Measurement Assurance Software: This powerful but easy-to-use software will make analyzing your gage capability studies easy and maybe even fun! The software provides all the procedures contained in the AIAG manual and has a large selection of graphics to help analyze your data. Ford, TRW, Valeo, Xerox, ITT, Continental and many other corporations have adopted this software for analyzing measurement systems.


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Measurement Assurance

This software solves all of your measurement system analysis needs.  Friendly and easy to use, this software supports the analytical techniques detailed in the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) Measurement System Analysis book.   It also comes with a manual that explains these techniques in easy to understand language.


Each of the procedures below contain graphics that can be customized with easy to use dialog tabs. When your analysis is complete, use the Report Writer to create custom output in a format compatible with Microsoft Word, Wordperfect,all other major word-processors and even HTML!

Repeatability & Reproducibility
 Design a Gage Capability Study


Download the Demo Version (11megs)  The demo version is fully functional except you cannot enter data; you are limited to opening demo files.  If this file is too large to download conveniently, request a CD by calling 812-533-4215 or

Be sure to download the sample problems page and sample problem data files.  The sample problems page and data files are in a self-extracting zip file.  After downloading, make a new directory for this file and double-click the file to unzip the contents.  This page is in rich text format; just double-click the file after downloading, and it will open in your word processor.   The sample problems page and example files are included on the demo CD.


Many graphics are available in this software package, and you can customize them all! Just click the edit graph icon (the purple one) or right click, and a set of icons appear above the graph. Click one, and you get a tabbed dialog box that gives you complete control over the graph.




Linearity is a measure of the bias change throughout the operating range of the gage.  Measurement system linearity is found by measuring reference part values throughout the operating range of the instrument, and plotting the bias against the reference values. The default procedure for determining linearity is to measure 10 parts 5 times each. The percent linearity is equal to the slope, b, of the best-fit straight line through the data points, and the linearity is equal the slope multiplied by the process variation.

Input the measured values into the Gage Linearity spreadsheet along with the process variance, if desired, click the Compute Linearity button, and the linearity study is complete.  Click the print icon, and the results appear in the Report Writer.  Right-click on the graph, and a tabbed dialog box appears that allows you to customize the graph.


Repeatability & Reproducibility

The variability of the measurements obtained by one person while measuring the same item repeatedly is the repeatability of a gage. This is also considered the inherent variability of the gage.  Reproducibility is the variability introduced into the measurement system by the bias differences of different operators. Repeatability and reproducibility are commonly expressed as an index that represents the width of an interval that contains 99% of the measurements.

This software is capable of determining repeatability and reproducibility using

[Bullet] the Range Method,
[Bullet] the Range Average Method, and
[Bullet] the ANOVA method

Input the measured values into the Repeatability and Reproducibility spreadsheet, select the desired options, click the Compute Bias button, and the bias study is complete.  Click the print icon, and the results appear in the Report Writer.  The Chart button provides

[Bullet] a range control chart,
[Bullet] a run chart,
[Bullet] a whiskers chart,
[Bullet] a whiskers chart,
[Bullet] an X-Y plot of averages,
[Bullet] a comparison X-Y plot, and
[Bullet] a scatter plot

Right clicking any of the plots gives a tabbed dialog box that allows you to customize the graph.

Design a Gage Capability Study

Measurement Assurance provides a routine for designing Gage Capability studies.  Simply select the desired number of parts, trials and appraisers, and the software lists the required trials in random order to assure statistical validity.  Click the print icon, and an easy to use data entry sheet is placed in the Report Writer.


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