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The CSQP Primer 1st edition 2016 contains 508 pages and 400 questions and answers.  The electronic exam currently contains 1000 questions.

CSQP Table of Contents

I. Certification Overview

  • CSQP Exam
  • CSQP Body of Knowledge
  • Bloom´s Taxonomy

II. Supplier Strategy

  • Supply Chain Vision / Mission
  • Supplier Lifecycle Management
  • Supplier Selection
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Supplier Classification
  • Partnerships & Alliances
  • Supply Chain Cost Analysis
  • Cost Reduction
  • Supply Chain Rationalization
  • Make / Buy Decisions
  • Supplier Agreements / Contracts
  • Supplier Expectation Deployment

III. Risk Management

  • Strategy
  • System Considerations
  • Product / Service
  • Prevention Strategies
  • Analysis & Mitigation
  • Analysis
  • Mitigation Control
  • Mitigation Effectiveness

IV. Supplier Selection

  • Product/Service Requeriments
  • Internal Design Reviews
  • Identifying Requirements
  • Supplier Selection Planning
  • Supplier Comparison
  • Potential Supplier Evaluation
  • Supplier Selection

V. Part, Process, & Service Qualification

  • Technical Review
  • Supplier Relations
  • Qualification Planning
  • Part Approval
  • Validate Requirements

VI. Supplier Performance Monitoring

  • Performance Monitoring
  • Supplier Metrics
  • Performance
  • Process Performance

VII. Noncorformance Assesment & CAPA

  • Assess Noncorformance Product / Service
  • Supplier CAPA
  • Root Cause Analysis Methods
  • Supplier Collaboration

VIII. Supplier Quality Management

  • Supplier Monitoring
  • Supplier Audits
  • Audit Report & Folluw-Up
  • Supplier Communication
  • Supplier Development / Remediation
  • Project Management Basics
  • Compliance / Supplier Categorization

IX. Team Processes

  • Team Development
  • Roles
  • Performance & Evaluation

X. Relationship Management

  • Supplier Orientation
  • Communication
  • Techniques & Mediation
  • Quality Tool Reporting
  • Leadership & Collaboration

XI. Business Ethics & Compliance

  • ASQ code of ethics
  • Compliance
  • Confidentiality
  • Organizational Policies
  • Intellectual Property
  • Illegal Activity

XII. Appendix

  • Index.
  • Answers


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The following information is provided by the American Society for Quality (ASQ):

CSQP Exam requirements


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